Searching for SUNSHINE

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When we went to the Arboretum a few weeks ago I was on a very important mission… I was on a mission to find SUNSHINE.  I looked high and low.  I searched behind every tree and bush, in the deep dark waters and throughout the colorful flowerbeds that lived there.  I ran as fast as I could to try and catch it and then I sat quietly waiting for it to come and find me.  I tried to measure it with my arms, to taste it on my tongue, to feel it warming my skin.  We walked and walked down every winding path, in search of the special light.  I wanted to see it, to meet it, to say “Hi There, I’m Sammie!”.  But this was a very big place full of hiding places.  It could be anywhere!  Maybe I’d never truly get to meet the SUNSHINE.

But then suddenly, as we danced in the water spraying from the towering frogs at the end of the day, I looked around at the smiles on everyone’s face and I realized that maybe SUNSHINE was actually with me all along.  It was right here inside my heart.  Not hiding in the tall grasses or down the one pathway we missed, but instead right under my nose.  SUNSHINE was within me!  I can bring my SUNSHINE wherever I go and I can let it shine whenever I want to light the way for others.  Like a beacon glistening in the darkness, my SUNSHINE can brighten the day and bring hope to people.  Reminding them that they can have the SUNSHINE too.

I learned that it’s not something you can really see or touch or taste.  You just have to have faith that it’s there within you and believe in the power it has to make things grow.  To make our glorious gardens flourish and bloom so that other’s can witness and get some too.

I hope you’ve had the pleasure of finding your SUNSHINE, and if you haven’t, I pray that you’ll never give up searching.  You don’t have to look far and wide after all.  Your SUNSHINE is with you all the while.  You just have to open your heart to let it shine on out!

♥ Me

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  • Grandma says:

    I’m so glad you had a wonderful day in the Sunshine. You are the Sunshine for all of your family and we all love you and your bubbly big smile.
    Mommy got some beautiful pictures of you!
    Can’t wait to see you!!

    Grammy Mary

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