Sam & Lucy

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Here’s a shot of Lucy and I in my huge pink bean bag watching a Baby Einstein show (Lucy REALLY watches the shows too).  She and Maggie follow me around where ever I go and then bark really loud if I get “out of bounds” so Mama will be alerted.  It never fails.  I can gets into anything bad around here without these two doggies knowing about it.  Tattle tails!!

Oh yeah and I’m still sick…can you see it in my face?  Maybe it’s the open-mouth, my nose is all stuffed up, breathing that’s giving me away.  Where’s the big smile- right!  But I did get some good nap time in today so hopefully I’ll be feeling better soon.  Remember to wash your hands so you don’t get sick!  It seems to be going around lately and being sick sucks.  Let me tell you!

Love, Me

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  • Grandma says:

    Grandma is so sorry you are still feeling bad. Cousin Kendall had to spend the day with me because she has the same thing, she had to breath through her mouth most of the day too. I pray you both feel much better tomorrow!! I’m sooo glad those doggie’s of yours keep a close eye on you and alert mom and dad when you get into the un-safe zones!

    I Love You, Grandma

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