Just a Little off the Ends

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We’re gearing up for our big trip to California this summer and I wanted to get my haircut (professionally) for the occasion.  Thanks Mom, but your trims on the front porch may be coming to an end.

Daddy made me an appointment with Annie, his haircutting lady and off we went.  When I got there she put me up in this big tall hair chair and wrapped me in a huge flowing sheet.  I looked like a big tall person with a little tiny head sitting up there.  It was so funny!  Then Annie asked me what hairs I wanted to have cut and I replied…”All of them!”.    We just wanted a little off the ends to clean it up and make it curl up or down or do something other than just lay there.

A little snip here, a tiny snap there and a few minutes later I was feeling refreshed and light as a feather.  You should have seen all the baby hairs on the floor.  Annie held up this cool magic mirror to show me how the back looked and then she spun me around again to add the final touch upon my heady, head, head.  My princess crown!  I had brought it with me for when my haircut was done so that I could sparkle and shine.  You see, Daddy was taking us out to diner afterwards and I wanted everyone to see my new do.

It’s amazing how much better you feel after you get your hairs cut.  After you trim away the old, damaged and tired hair so that new ones can grow.  I think we can apply the same concept to life.  There are often things and people that get neglected in our lives and that go without our attention for too long.  But if we take just a few minutes to trim the ends and clean things up, we feel so much better.  We feel refreshed and lighter.  Prettier inside and out.  Others can see it and feel it too and then they’ll wonder what’s up with you.  Just a little off the ends, I’ll say!  You should try it today!

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  • Grandma says:

    I really love this new haircut, Sammie. Sometimes it just makes a girl feel great all the way to her cute little toes to get a new hair-do. You look sensational and beautiful, (not that you weren’t before), mommie always made your hair very pretty. You must bring grammy some new pictures when you come out.

    See You Real Soon,
    Love You,
    Grammy Mary

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