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My name is Samantha Eden, but my family and friends call me Sammie or Sam.  I started this journal when I was born in 2009 (well Mama and Daddy did) as a way to preserve all of my memories and share my adventures with loved ones that live far away.  I personally invite you to follow along as I explore new things in the world around me and strive to live my life to the fullest.  We’ll meet new people and visit exciting places, try new foods and hopefully lots of new toys too, we’ll have good times and bad times, but at the end of the day, we’ll remember to give Glory to God for every meaningful moment that we are blessed with.  I hope you are inspired and moved in a way that makes a difference in your life.  After all, we’re on this amazing journey together!  ♥ ME

How it all began…

Written by Amy (that’s my Mama)

Our story begins with a wish, a desire and many, many prayers asking God for a child.  Scott and I had been trying to have a baby for about 8 years and struggled with doubt and confusion over God’s will for our lives when it came to having a baby.   Throughout the years we continued to pray and to have faith that one day, when the timing was just right, God would send us a little blessing.  We tried numerous fertility treatments, all with no luck, and were told that the next step would be in-vitro fertilization, which is obviously a huge financial commitment and risk.

Then in 2008, out of the blue, an old family friend re-entered our lives and a very special relationship grew.  He was an older man who had never been married and basically had no family of his own.  In the next year we spent a lot of time helping him to get all setup in a new home.  We shared many stories, old and new, and told him of our strong desire to one day have a baby of our own.  All along, the Lord had a plan not only to answer our prayer, but also to affect this man’s life by showing him a way he could make a difference in the world before it was too late.  His words wrapped around our hearts as he told us that he decided he would like to pay for our in-vitro fertilization procedure and whatever it took to get us pregnant.  We cried tears of joy and just knew in that moment, our dreams were about to come true.  For a few days we did struggle with whether or not we could actually accept such a huge gift, but in the end we just kept saying that we didn’t want to get to Heaven and have the Lord say to us… I sent you help but you didn’t take it.

With the financial means in place, doctor’s appointments were made and the process begun.  We experienced daily shots, numerous blood tests, weekly sonograms, and lots of stress over whether it would work or not.

The two week wait after the in-vitro was torture as we waited to hear the fate of our future… were we pregnant or not?  The phone call finally came and Scott and I held hands as we listened to the news.  YOU’RE PREGNANT!  We couldn’t believe it.  I think we had mentally prepared ourselves for bad news and for comforting one another in another disappointment.  Thank you Lord, thank you!  Scott even called the doctor’s office back after a few minutes of celebrating to make sure they had the right chart and that it was really me that was pregnant.  It was true!  Our prayers had been answered and we had a baby on the way.  The first person we called was our generous friend who was elated to hear the wonderful news.  It’s funny how the Lord works through people that you’d least expect and connects experiences to change the lives of many.

The pregnancy was such a wonderful time as we joyfully prepared to meet our child, the child we had dreamed of all our lives.

Samantha Eden was born the day after Thanksgiving and life will never be the same.  She brings happiness and light to our world and we can’t imagine life without her.  She is a gift and we are grateful to God every day for His amazing miracle and the chance to share the wonders of His creation with our beautiful daughter.  Glory be to God, from whom all blessing flow!

Cherishing EVERY DAY of this AMAZING LIFE!

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