A Hillbilly Pool

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Don’t have the money for a kiddie pool this year?  Try using a big ‘ole bucket to cool them off and bring a smile to their faces.  Kid’s don’t need much, just find something laying around that will hold water and fill ‘er up.  It might not be fancy but they won’t care one bit.  They just want to get wet and play!

Plus, you’ll be teaching them to be inventive and to improvise in order to create fun using what you already have.  Oh, and it works great to wash all the sand off after they’ve been playing in the sandbox too!

Remember to re-use that water in the flowerbeds when you’re done so that it doesn’t go to waste.  Hey, there’s a lesson in recycling here too.  I love it!

Just fun a little tip before the weekend!

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  • Grandma says:

    Hey Cutie,
    Glad to hear from you, it’s been a while. Looks like you’re creating your own fun, how inventive.
    Maybe when you get here someone will heat up the hot tub and you can all take a dip. Don’t forget that swim suit.
    Grandma has been shopping for some fun beach toys too. You’re going to have fun in the sun with the cousins. Can’t wait for everyone to get here, I’m getting everything ready!

    Love You,
    Grammy Mary

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