Happy Halloween 2015

A magical mermaid emerged from our pond this evening to bring us good tidings from her world. Continue reading

Fall “School” Pictures

As the leaves on the trees begin to celebrate the coming of a new season with their subtle shift to shades of yellow, orange and red, we head out to capture the precious smile of our toothless five year old. Continue reading

It’s Tooth Fairy Time

We were celebrating Daddy’s birthday with the family on Sunday evening and my bottom baby tooth was finally super duper loose. Continue reading

First Day of Kindergarten

A new adventure begins today for our family with the start of school. I’m beginning Kindergarten at the Lucky Ladybugs Learning Academy, which is a home-based program of Education and Discovery through Encouragement and Nurturing (also an acronym for EDEN, my middle name).  Pretty cool, right. Continue reading

Bluebonnets with Friends

We couldn’t resist another chance to go explore the bluebonnet hill, so when our friends Lauren and Camren called we were in! Continue reading

Bluebonnets with my Cousins

As soon as my cousins Ava and Hannah got home from school we grabbed up the goats and went to the bluebonnet hill. It’s at it’s peak right now and perfect for pictures! Continue reading


It’s that time of year again when the roadsides are covered in brilliant blue flowers that beacon you to run through them. It’s bluebonnet season! Continue reading

Turtle Rescue

These adorable little red eared slider turtles keep getting caught in Grammy and Papa’s pool filter. So of course who do you call for help when there’s an animal in trouble… ME!!! Doc Sam that is! Continue reading

Skater Sam

For Easter Grammy and Papa Sparks sent me a Target gift card so that I could pick out something special. Guess what I got… a new SKATEBOARD baby!!! Continue reading

Got Goats?

Well, my cousins did! Yup, and they live right next door so I get to play with them all the time. Continue reading

Easter 2015

Happy Easter!  Check out my collection of bunnies.  We get them all out this time of year so that they can help us to celebrate.  I hope you have a wonderful day with your family and friends. Continue reading

Mud Pies

I love making mud and sand pies in the backyard and serving them to my guests. Here is a pretty little creation I came up with today. I call it Daisy Delight and it was delicious! Continue reading

Repairing our Gas Line

One day a few weeks back we realized that none of our gas appliances in the house were working.  Yikes!  Sure enough we discovered that we had a leak and that the entire line was going to have to be replaced, and at our cost because it was it was on our side of the meter. Continue reading

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